Proven, premium products targeting a full spectrum of battery applications

North America’s first commercially operational capacity dedicated to synthetic graphite anode material. Our 100% domestic supply chain includes US-sourced raw materials, and we operate at multiple manufacturing and office locations in the US. The introduction of a fully domestic anode material supplier in the U.S. creates significant supply chain security and efficiencies.

Anovion Center of Excellence - Production and R&D Facility

In Commercial Production Today

Servicing customers and developing next-generation US-made graphite anode materials

5,000 tpa graphitization 

Large-Scale Manufacturing Facility

Planned for 2025

Bainbridge, GA

Up to 50,000 tpa capacity

Graphitization: Our Core Manufacturing Competency

The graphitization process is the key to consistent, quality synthetic graphite anode powder. Synthetic graphite is prized in lithium-ion battery applications for its high purity that enables fast charging, cycle performance, and longevity. Anovion employs proven, reliable, scalable graphitization technology that produces high crystallinity and low impurities by heating the product over 3,000°C. 

  • Proprietary operating parameters based on proven, industry standard technology
  • 100% Share of Acheson capacity in North America
  • High throughput with high quality and repeatability